Machine Services

We operate a number of precision Hotwire / 3DM shaping machines.


Both FCX CNC Hotwire machines run on a parallel table. This allows for true blank cutting. Profile and rocker are true to shape. This results in a straighter blank, specific to your board design file. This also generates less waste.

The parallel tables on these machines range for 144” x 50” x 50” to 288” x 50 x 50”.

With over 24 ft of table space we can design and cut any blank to meet your specs and model requirements! The largest in the Columbia River Gorge and Pacific North West!

3DM Shaping Machine

We are proud to own/operate two custom CNC machines built custom for Blue Shed by 3DM.

Our first machine is an H Frame design built to cut Kite/Surf/SUP specific shapes. It runs a 3 axis cutter with the latest designs software (Shape3DX) and operates with a CNC specific CENTRIOD control system. The combinations of all three give you the best results available, period! The support system on this machine has a range up to 138” x 32” x 12”.

Our second machine is a one of a kind. Being the largest 3DM shaping machine ever built to date! Operating on a cantilever 3 axis frame design, it’s a monster! With a second CENTROID control system this machine has a duel interface. Linking both machines for accurate results. The support system on this cantilever frame has a range up to 264” x 36” x 16”. This 3DM master piece has the capabilities to shape and cut anything the Surf/SUP/OC-1 world can throw at it! That’s 22ft. Hands down the largest and most accurate machine of its kind!

Think 3DM!    Think QUALITY!    Think BLUE SHED!

Our services include:

  • Complete board design: start to finish using the latest Shape3DX / Rhino3D design software.
  • Complete Scanning Capabilities. Largest Kite / Surf / SUP / OC-1 scanning in the Gorge & Pacific Northwest.
  • Custom EPS Blank design. Model Specific. Kite / Surf / Wind / SUP / OC-1.
  • Carbon Stringer configurations – Aircell Stringer available .125 to .25 inch.
  • Design using existing models or specs.
  • Complete model printout which includes: Model Rendering. Full scale rocker printout and spec sheet.
  • Secure and confidential file storage.
  • Model to Blank scaling: This saves on cutting times and excess waste.
  • Distortion free scaling on all 3 axis at the controller. CENTROID accuracy.
  • Adjustable surface finishes and cutting speeds.
  • Shape3DX / Rhino3D file import and export.